Beesure Dental Dams, 6" x 6" 36pcs/Pack, BE112, BE115

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BeeSure Powder-Free Latex Dental Dams have a low protein content of less than 50 µg/dm² to minimise latex allergen exposure. Size: 6inch x 6inch. Option of spearmint-scented or non-scented dams. Beesure is committed to preserving the environment and through innovation in the manufacturing process is able to produce products that are more earth-friendly. Packaging is made from 80% to 100% post-consumer fibre packaging. Beesure products are chlorine-free which reduces the amount of toxic waste produced. Compact packaging reduces material waste and storage space.

Weight(Kg): 0.2

Quantity per Unit: 36

Category: GLOVES & DAMS

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