10L Ultrasonic Cleaner 997029 - 12 Month Warranty

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The ultrasonic cleaner has been widely accepted for use in hospitals, medical surgeries, schools, scientific research institutions and manufacturing industry. It introduces advanced technology to deep clean the surface of deep / blind holes and convex instruments with high efficiency precision. The Unit is used for the cleaning of medical, surgical and dental instruments. It is made of stainless steel which prevents eroding and is easily cleaned. Comes complete with hard basket, water tube & power lead.

Cleaning Tank Dimensions: 300mm L x 240mm W x 150mm H. Frequency(KHZ): 40. Ultrasonic Power(W): 240. Water Release: Yes. Cover: Yes. Heating Power(W): 400. Time Setting: 1-30. Heating(℃): 20-80.


Weight(Kg): 8

Quantity per Unit: 1




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