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NuMedical cares about our customers’ health, safety and always here standing by your side.

Many PPE products rely on overseas supply in Australia. In case of similar epidemic situation happens again in future, every government possibly will prohibit the export of PPE products in order to protect their own needs within the country.

In this case, NuMedical will use her two production bases to negotiate with local government to ensure timely and stable supply to NuMedical customers based in Australia, as we are here for you always.

While we keep building a robust supply chain to meet your needs, we also look for support our customers to reduce their daily operation cost. We believe with the COVID-19 pandemic still going, everyone is facing even more challenge business condition than before.

On top of already competitive published price, NuMedical is pleased to introduce its new Incentive Purchase Scheme (IPS) which will award cash rebates to our customers when their total annual purchases exceed threshold levels. The higher annual purchase amounts above these levels, the higher the amount of rebate they will receive. The rebate percentage will also increase as they pass through the threshold levels, so the more spend, the greater the rebate. It is our strong belief through the IPS, it will help generate more cash for our customers.

Please talk to your sale representative for any details of IPS, if you wish to participate.