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Disposable saliva ejectors for high volume evacuation of saliva and water from the oral cavity. Bendable with non-removable tip. Size: 142mm (L) x 6.5mm (Dia.).

Most factories in the world use cyclohexanone glue in the bonding area between tube and tip of saliva ejector. The cyclohexanone glue releases toxic volatile organic compounds.

For production workers expose to cyclohexanone glue for a long time, it can lead to symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and nausea. Moreover, these symptoms can gradually worsen cause damage to the nervous system and internal organs. In addition, workers may inhale these harmful gases during operation which will lead to  respiratory diseases. Workers expose to cyclohexanone glue for a long time may also suffer from serious diseases such as cancer.

For patients, the residual cyclohexanone glue in saliva ejector may also pose a health hazard. The oral mucosa is very weak, after inhaling toxic gases, it may enter the blood circulation system directly through the oral mucosa, further endangering human health. Other than that, long-term use of saliva ejector containing cyclohexanone glue  can be the one of the root cause of  chronic poisoning and various oral diseases.

We should avoid using saliva ejectors containing cyclohexanone glue as much as possible. We need to choose those saliva ejectors that are produced using toxic free and environmental friendly glue. Toxic Free and Environmental friendly adhesives are usually made from plant - based materials and do not produce volatile organic compounds, posing no harm to people and the environment.  The production process of toxic free and environmental friendly adhesive is also more does not generate harmful waste or emissions, thus the product process is also environment friendly.

NuMedical is one the very first companies in the world using toxic free and  environmental friendly adhesive to produce saliva ejectors. NuMedical fully understand the great importance to the use of toxic free and environmental friendly adhesive and continuously improves the quality and user experience of the saliva ejectors through technology innovations. NuMedical's saliva ejector has no smell, and does not pose a threat to human health.  As professional in protection, Numedical is not only committed to protect our environment, but also care of our employees, clients and their patients.

Promoting the use of toxic free and environmental friendly adhesives requires the joint efforts of doctors, patients, and suppliers. Doctors and patients should choose saliva ejectors that are produced using environmental friendly glue, at the time of purchase. At the same time, manufacturers should strengthen self-management, choose environmental friendly adhesive to produce saliva ejectors, and improve product quality and efficiency through technological innovation and  production processes optimization.

Finally, let's reject products that use cyclohexanone glue, which can effectively eliminate the harm to workers' and users' health. The promotion of using environmental friendly adhesive is not only good for our own health, but also good for the environment protection, thus to achieve sustainable development. Action now, let us choose to use environmentalfriendly glue saliva ejectors, work together to build a healthier and more environmental friendly society!


Weight(Kg): 4.8

Quantity per Unit: 1000

Category: Evacuation


 1) EN71-3:2019+A1:2021 European Standard on Safety of Toys Migration of certain elements

 2) Not Contain of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Testing

 3) Not contain of Phthalates

 4) Concentrations of 233 SVHC substances are all less than 0.1% (w/w);


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