Sterilisation Pouch Dispenser - Large, 990640

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Ideal for storing sterilisation pouches of various sizes. Pre-drilled holes for wall-mounting. Size: 750mm x 90mm x 345mm. A: 57mm x 100mm (2 1/4inch x 4inch) B: 90mm x 230mm (3 1/2inch x 9inch) C: 90mm x 145mm (3 1/2inch x 5 3/4inch) D: 70mm x 230mm (2 3/4inch x 9inch) and 90mm x 145mm (3 1/2inch x 5 3/4inch) E: 135mm x 260mm (5 1/4inch x 10inch) F: 190mm x 330mm (7 1/2inch x 13inch) Note: Pouches not included. Cleaning instructions: Use only soap and water on acrylic surface. Alcohol or ammonia-based disinfectants may cause cracks to appear.

Weight(Kg): 3.6

Quantity per Unit: 1


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