Aloe Examination Latex Glove Powder Free, 100pcs/box, Bx Size(cm): 23.5 L x 12 W x 8 H, 990068 - 990071, 990068B - 990071B

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Aloe's ability to help soothe and moisturise the skin has been well-known for centuries. Focusing on these properties, NuMedical introduced the first examination gloves containing aloe more than 10 years ago, now we took it back to Australia. How NuMedical's the aloe coating works: 1) Extract 100% pure organic aloe vera gel directly from the plant. 2) Freeze-dry the aloe and uniformly coat the inside of the gloves with it. 3) Your body heat dissolves and realeases the aloe, keeping your hands moisturised. 100pcs per box and 10 boxes per case. Disposable/Single-Use. Non-Sterile. 

Weight(Kg): 2.0 or 21

Quantity per Unit: 100 or 1000

Category: Gloves & Dams

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