Retainer and Matrix System, 24pcs/box, 998020 - 998023 --- Saving Your Time and Money

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Retainer and matrix

Function and features:

1.Curved to an angle, suitable for tooth shape, tighten toward gingival, fit tightly without overhang.

2.The head can be adjusted at any angle of 180 degrees, suitable for any tooth position in each quadrant.

3.Single knob design, convenient and fast operation, firm tightening and no slipping.

4.The ultra-thin polished matrix bands, fitting tooth body better.

5.Surface non sticking resin matrix bands, suitable for any kinds of dental adhensive.


Suitable for posterior class II cavity restoration, it is especially suitable for distal-extension and post-core restoration.

During the forming process, the adjacent points are shaped and solidified to prevent the impaction.

This is Single-Use only. Disposable. 

Weight(Kg): 0.25

Quantity per Unit: 24

Category: Matrix Accessories

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