Dental Examination Kit, Sterile, Include mirror x 1, probe x 1, tweezer x 1 and tray x 1, 200packs/case, 990732

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Instruction for Use


intended to be used to perform a dental examination. It does not contain any pharmaceuticals and is not intended for surgical procedures. This is a single-use device.


Dental Mirror, 170mm Length and mirror dia.21.5mm, handle is ABS and mirror is plastic.

Dental Probe, 165mm Length, handle is ABS and tip is stainless steel.

Dental Tweezer, 165mm Length, handel is ABS and tip is stainless steel.

Dental Tray, 195mm W x 125mm D x 24mm H, Polypyropylene


This product can’be used beyond its purpose.

This product is prohibited from reuse and single use only.

Don’t use it if package is damdged.

Please use it within valid period.


Store in a clean place away from direct sunlight.

Expiry Time:

5 years


Weight(Kg): 10.5

Quantity per Unit: 200

Category: Mobile Dental

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