Easy Peel off Phospor Plate Barrier Envelopes and Cards, 200+200/box, 991353, 991360, 991366

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  1. Remove a cardboard protective cover from the left section of the box. Insert your phosphor plate aligned to the cut out on the protective cover.
  2. Fold the protective cover over the phosphor plate.
  3. Remove a phosphor plate envelope from the right side of the box.
  4. Place the folded protective coven containing the phosphor plate> into the sleeve. Use the semi-transparent side of the envelope to make sure the plate is loaded conectly.
  5. Peel away the white tab.
  6. Pinch the opening to ensure that the envelope is sealed.
  7. Place envelope in mouth with proper side facing x-ray tube (following plate manufecturers instructions) and expose.
  8. Bring envelope to processing area. Keep the semi-transparent side of the envelope face down during transport to avoid lightening the image prior to processing.
  9. At your processing machine, flex the butterfly tabs at the opening of the envelope and peel down the center seam. Ybu can now feed your plate into the processing machine.
  10. Discard used envelope and protective cover.
  11. When the plate is dispensed from your processing machine, take a fresh cardboard protective cover and envelope and repeat steps 1 through 10.

Please Note: There are diflerent size envelopes and inserts for different size phosphor plates.

Weight(Kg): 0.2

Quantity per Unit: 200+200

Category: X-Ray






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