UDG Uni-Slide & Super Low friction Metal Passive Self-Ligating Brackets 0.22", ORMCO/Damon Q Type users, 20 Brackets + 12 Archwires, 997789-997793

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Low Friction: It can reduce 70% friction coefficient between bracket and archwires through using new Teflon coating and metal surface polishing technology. The smaller the friction, the greater the force on the teeth and the shorter the correction time.

Quick Operation Design: The design of Self-Ligating and Active hooks supply quick operation in treatment,

Saving Time & Money: The reduction of friction coefficient will help professional dentists and patients to save almost 25% time of treatment.

Each box contains 12pcs Archwires.

NiTi Thermal Active, Round, 0.018" 2pcs(upper and lower), 0.016" 2pcs(upper and lower), 0.014" 2pcs(upper and lower).

NiTi Super Elastic, Rectangular, 0.017"x0.025" 2pcs(upper and lower), 0.016"x0.022" 2pcs(upper and lower).

Stainless Steel Archwires, Rectangular, 0.019"x0.025" 2pcs(upper and lower).

Weight(Kg): 0.5

Quantity per unit: 20+12

Category: Orthodontics


Introduction of Low Friction Coefficient Metal Passive Self-Ligating Brackets.PDF


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