NuMedical Q8 Pro, Curing Light, 997039, 12 Month Warranty

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The new generation multiwavelength LED for producing hihg-intensity light at 385nm-515nm capable of polymerizing all light-cured dental materials.

Build-in lightmeter available in the charding base.

Automatic compensation circuit for constant power output.

Three Powerful Curing Models:TURBO 2500mW/cm2,ORTHO 2500mW/cm2,NORMAL 1500mW/cm2. Caries detection function available.

Collimated Light Beams: With refined optics that create excellent light collimation across a 10mm lens, the Q8 Pro curing light delivers optimally and consistently collimated power.

 The Q8 Pro curing light has the lowest-profile heat at 8.5mm, which allows easy and direct access to all curing sites. Patients feel must more comforatble.








Weight(Kg): 0.5

Quantity per unit: 1


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