IPR Plus Strip Kit 997794 (4201002) 10pcs

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EasyinSmile IPR Plus strip system is an innovative interproximal reduction system that makes interproximal enamel stripping safe and accurate without creating sharp corners or subgingival ledges. The curved surface of the tooth, the bendable design can gradually expand the collar surface according to different thickness for effective dressing, avoiding the formation of steps after glaze teeth and the influence of closure effect. Meanwhile the saw bow design conforms to ergonomics and mechanics, improving work efficiency. These flexible diamond strips curve and conform along the natural contours of the teeth to maximize patient comfort and safety. A set including black(997796) x 2, bright yellow(997797) x 1, dark blue(997798) x 1, sky blue(997799) x 1, bright purple(997800) x 1, red(997801) x 1, white(997802) x 1, bright orange(997803) x 1 and bright pink(997804) x 1.

Weight(kg): 0.15

Quantity per unit: 10


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