Polishing Kit for Glass-Ceramics, Extraoral Use, HP1210D, 991218

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Characteristic: Fast grinding, long service life, fast heat production, good polishing effect.

Steps: 1.Ceramic grinders are used for leveling the connection channel between the teeth and porcelain.(Recommend R.P.M 15000-2000/Min). 2. Grey polishers ae used for pre-polishing.(Recommend R.P.M 10000-15000/Min). 3. Light pink polisher are used for high gloss polishing.(Recommend R.P.M 8000-12000/Min).

Effect: 1.The sharpness of ceramic diamond grinder can leveling the connection channel between teeth and procelain quickly. 2.Low heat production can avoid the damage to restoration because of overheating. 3. Shorten the operating time beside the chair and immediately achieving the same high gloss polishing effect as after the glaze. 

Caution: Please control the pressure and rotate speed when grinding the connection channel between teeth and porcelain to avoid the damage of restoration. Pre-polishing is the base of high gloss polishing. Pre-polishing is indispensable.

Polish, Cover and holder are autoclavable. 

Weight(Kg): 0.15

Quantity per unit: 10


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