Polishing Kit for Porcelain,Intraoral Use, RA0212D, 991221

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Characteristic: Fast speed grinding, long service life, fast heat dissipation, excellent polishing effect.

Steps: 1.White stones are used for grinding the maxillofacial.(Recommend R.P.M 8000-12000/Min). 2. Pink silicone plishers are used for prepolishing.(Recommend R.P.M 8000-10000/Min). 3.White rubber diamond polisher are used for high gloss polishing.(Recommend R.P.M 6000-8000/Min).

Effect: 1.Exquisite pure alumina sand decreased the vibration to the porcelain teeth occlusion and adjacent surface finishing.Avoid carbon pollution at the same time. 2. Good heat dissipation performance of silicon can avoid the procelain cracked. 3.Polishers with diamond grains have efficient polishing effect, wear-resistnt durable. 4. High gloss polishing effect can avoid secondary rework of the color deviation and porcelain brittle risk.

Caution: Polishing the near edge of the gold crown porcelain junction. Please note that the pressure of the hand, grinding direction, speed, avoid collapse porcelain, procelain crack and crack phenomenon. Need to prepolishing. Lay a foundation for high gloss polishing.

Polish, Cover and holder are autoclavable. 


Quantity per unit: 12



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