Polishing Kit for Zirconia, Extraoral Use, HP0109D, 991220

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Characteristic: Fast cutting, long service life, radiating faster, good polishing effect, no water is required.

Steps: 1.Ceramic diamond grinders are used for grinding the maxillofacial morphology.(Recommend R.P.M 15000-2000/Min). 2.Grey polishers are used for leveling and pre-polishing.(Recommend R.P.M 10000-15000/Min). 3.Yellow polisher are used for high gloss polishing.(Recommend R.P.M 8000-12000/Min).

Effect:1.Take advantage of the special properties of ceramic diamond grinders without water conditions to fast finish the crystal zirconia restorations, reduced the complicated operation process of the traditional diamond bur with the water condition. 2.Take advantage of the special properties of the rubber diamond to achieve the highgloss polishing effect.

Caution: Without too much pressure. According to the recommended speed, with better effect.

Polish and Holder are autoclavable. 

Weight(Kg): 0.15

Quantity per unit: 9



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