Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner, 997032, 997033, 997034, 997035, 997036

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A professional ultrasonic cleaner! Features: 1. Large Tank Capacity: Tank capacity is 7.5L(2.0gallon) and tank size is 33.1cm x 23.8cm x 10.5cm(13" x 9.4" x 4.1"). 2. Control Panel with Capacitive Sensing Technology: Durable, Reliable, Resistant to water and harsh chemicals. 3. Drainage Valve: Convenient to use. 4. Three Industrial Grade Ultrasonic Transducers: Uniform distribution of ultrasonic waves, strong cleaning, high durability. 5. Three Ceramic Heaters: Mounted underneath the bottom of the tank for safe and even heating and durable construction. 6. 3-Color LED Display: Easy to operate, with 4 key control panel, 6 timer settings, 3 temperature settings. 7. Independent Control Circuit for Each Ultrasonic Transducer: 40% higher efficiency, not susceptible to interference, more durable. 8. Multiple Circuit Protectors: When overloaded or improperly used, the protectors shut down the power to certain areas to pertect the machine. 9. Moisture-proffed PCB with Industrial IC: PCBs are placed vertically for better moisture-proof performance. Better anti-interference. 10. Three Cooling Fans: Two for cooling of PCB boards, one for cooling of ultrasonic transducers. Improve heat dissipation and beneficial for continuous operations. 11. Multiple Optional Accessories: Suspendible plastic basket, stainless steel rack and tray, indirect cleaning tank, beaker and double beaker holder. 12. Solid and Advanced Structural Design: 4.5mm thick wall housing mae from engineering grade plastic with tongue in groove design for better water-proof and drop-proof performances. 60% quieter than steel housing designs, suitable for indoor uses. (Accessories are not include in the cleaner)

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