X-Ray Intraoral Positioning Kit Plus, 991370

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Shooting by the way of x-ray cone paralleling which is more accurate and more professional.

Shooting for anterior, bitewing and endo with root canal files. Suitable for x-ray film and phosphor plate.

Bite block with different colors which can distinguish tooth position and left and right position. Make it more convenient and accurate.

Each bite block is equipped with a dedicated integral metal connecting rod whichis convenient to install and connect with the external positioning ring.

The holder on the bite block is exquisite and easy to hold the dental x-ray film with the elastic strips on the back whcih can hold the x-ray film firmly and not easy to damage.

Reasonable design of the bite block, which make the x-ray film extended fully. Suitable for the narrow space in the mouth and does not damage the oral mucosa.

There is a special occluding positioning baffle in the anterior bite block which enables the occlusion to be located quickly and accurately.

The outside holder with three slot arms, marked by different color code rings, and the operation is more convenient and quick.

Autoclavable up to 135 degree.

Weight(Kg): 0.8

Quantity per unit: 1set

Category: X-RAY

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