Full Denture Primary Impression Trays, Thermoforming, 991072

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Disposable thermoforming perforated black impression trays made from high quality recyclable PET material. The thermoforming feature allows dentulous and edentulous impressions to be taken. Easy to mold: Submerge tray in water (70°C) for 5 - 7 seconds. Tray will be softer and the shape can be manipulated. In the set: L Upper - 2pcs, M Upper - 2pcs, S Upper - 2pcs, L Lower - 2pcs, M Lower - 2pcs, S Lower - 2pcs. Single-Use.

Full denture primary impression tray thermoplastic type can accommodate a variety of dental arch size. It is specially designed for absorbability full denture primary impression. Can use silicone rubber impression material and also alginate impression material, not easy to demoulding and not easy to deform.

The design of upper impression tray is not only consistent with the alveolar ridge morphology and the edges are fully extended to fit the requirements of the primary impression. On maxillary tuberosity with thermo tray pellet can show the undercut area perfectly. Continuous opening design on the top of the alveolar ridge is very suitable for the patient who can not afford more pressure on mucosa. The round protrusion of bicuspidal area is suitable for finger gives a more stalbe balance of power when take impression. Edge valgus design is more suitable for getting the width of edge to make edge closed.

The design of lower impression tray is suitable for the requirement of absorbable full denture.Retromolar pad area cheek side avoid to masseteric.Cover the pad as much as possible and bigger hole dose not give pressure on the pad. To remove part of the edge easily. Lower hyal area try to stretch out to get the maximum support and closure. With thermo tray pellet can get more fully stretched edge of impression and preliminary functional plasticization. By the way, thermoplastic impressiontray can adjust the size of dental arch and the width of alveolar ridge.

The impression tray with three sizes, large, medium and small, suitable for most patients. If not apporpriate, can choose thermoplastic type, adjust the arch size and alveolar width, with thermo tray pellet can be fully extended and inverted concave form, and get the initial functional shaping and edge width.

Weight(Kg): 0.15

Quantity per Unit: 12

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