NuLilium Premium Dental Bibs, 480mm x 330mm, 2ply heavy tissue + 1ply poly, 50pcs x 10packs/case, $29.95-$32.95/box, 990197-990209

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Durable, heavy materials, highly absorbent bibs with a horizontal embossed pattern, unique water-repellent edge and a strong, tear-resistant plastic backing for reliable protection against fluids. Disposable & Single Use only.  Size: 480mm x 330mm. Pack of 50pcs x 10bags. 

2 advantages than other dental bibs: 

* The premium size of 480mm x 330mm is bigger than regular size of 450mm x 330mm.

* The materials is heavy 30% more than regular dental bibs.

Size: 480mm x 330mm

Weight (kg): 5.40

Quantity per unit: 500


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