Extension buckle, Ear protectors, Mask ear protectors accessories, 10pcs/bag, 992359

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SAFE: Made of food grade PP materials. EASY TO CARRY: The length is 175mm, width is 20mm and weight is 0.004kg.  NON-SLIP: Anti-slip groove on the back to prevent slipping when wearing. SUITABLE: With third gear adjustment (Can be used by children / small faces / big faces).

FEATURE: Reduce the pain and stress of wearing a mask for a long time. This Extension buckle can be washed repeatedly without bending, abrasion, curling or other types of degradation. Fits perfectly to your head, and surrounds for maximum comfort. Suitable for working, school, hospital, running, cycling, hiking, skiing, motorcycle climbing, climbing tactic training and other activities. Suitable for over-ear(N95 mask、Surgical mask、Disposable medical mask、Dust mask、medical face mask disposable breathable)The biggest function of the mask decompression artifact is to protect our ears from prolonged use of the mask and cause ear pain. With three gear adjustments (can be used for children / small faces / large faces).

It's the best choice to protect yourself.

Weight(kg): 0.04

Quantity per unit: 10


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